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Things Fall Apart; The Centre Cannot Hold

In the wake of President Obama’s climate speech this week, numerous media outlets shifted into full throttle to remind us of the calamities we face based on what the’ve seen from peering into their computer-modeled future.  Stacy Small-Lorenz, from the Environmental Defense Fund, was quick to remind us that aside from causing every single natural disaster that has occurred recently and will occur in the future, climate change will also lead to a shocking decline in global biodiversity.  According to Stacy Small-Lorenz, if we get 7 billion people to radically change their behavior through various efforts of state-sponsored coercion, then we might be able to prevent a whopping 60% of biodiversity loss.

In other news, “Scientists in Japan have been able, for the first time, to successfully clone a mouse from a blood sample drawn from a living donor’s tail.”

On one hand we have an activist hack, who is parroting the virtues of the soft science of computer based climate models.  On the other hand you have scientists engaging in the hard science of genetics to clone a mouse from a drop of blood.

Unfortunately for the climate change alarmists, science is leaving them behind.  The advances of genetic engineering have positioned us on the precipice of an explosion in biodiversity.  Every time you hear a climate change alarmist bemoan the pending collapse of biodiversity unless you completely stop from participating in 21st century economy, you should share this picture with them:

Cloned Mouse

This is the first mouse cloned from a drop of blood from another mouse.  Any species that is lost from global warming, we will just be able to re-create in a lab – along with genetically fortified versions of threatened species that have been engineered to adapt to whatever the climate happens to be.

yeah science

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