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The Great Comeback of the Gastric Brooding Frog

From inception, the Post Scarcity Alliance has recognized that genetic engineering will play an increasingly vital role in preserving endangered species and ultimately causing an explosion of biodiversity.  There have been several stories over the last few weeks about recent developments in genetic engineering of extinct species.

Here is a sampling of some of these articles:

Reviving the Wooly Mammoth

The Case for Reviving Extinct Species (National Geographic has de-extinction as a March 2013 cover story)

Could Extinct Animals be Resurrected from Frozen Samples

In addition to this coverage, news recently broke that scientists in Australia have successfully reactivated the DNA of the extinct gastric brooding frog.  This frog is unique in that it swallows its own eggs, broods its young in its stomach, and gives birth through its mouth.

While this frog is most notorious for its odd reproductive habits, perhaps it is fitting that the next specimen will emerge not from its parents mouth, but from the figurative petri dish of another species entirely: Homo Sapiens.

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