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Economic Benefits and Costs of Wilderness

There is an astounding shortage of academic studies that analyze the negative economic impacts of environmental policies.  Anyone who has ever worked for an industry that has been decimated by the stroke of a pen knows full well the damage that can result from the reckless pursuit of radical environmental policy.  Nevertheless, many regulations that are proposed and adopted in …

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George Church: Genetic Engineering Pioneer

 Anyone who wants a glimpse into the future of abundance that will soon be upon us as a result of advanced in genetic science, should read Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves by George Church. Also anytime you read a recent article about some mind-blowing application of genetic science, you will usually find Church or one of his …

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Genetic Engineering: Environmentalism’s Existential Crisis

I recently read the book Regenesis, by George M. Church.  This book provides a good preview of where the breakthroughs in genetic engineering are going to take us in the near future.  We have written before about how genetic engineering will create a tectonic shift that will move us dramatically closer to a post-scarcity era of abundance. Just last week, MIT …

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