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Hydrocarbon Fuel On-Demand

I almost predicted the iPod. I remember burning my first cd from music downloaded from the internet.  It took like 2 days.  I predicted a bold new future for the music industry where customers would go to music stores in the mall – like cd stores of the time – and instead of racks of cds there would be computers …

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Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up, and Smile for the Camera

Civilian use of aerial drone surveillance is a reality that is quickly approaching, and this is great news for litigious environmental groups.  Currently, if an environmental group wants to surveil farmers or any other group that is utilizing natural resources, they have to go through a burdensome FOIA process, and hope that agencies like the EPA give them more information …

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A Tale of Two Cities: Boise vs. Boston

Measuring the economic impact of federally owned land can be done in a variety of ways, but any analysis will likely end up being reductive.  The primary reason is because such an analysis can only measure what is known about past allocation of resources and compare them to present allocations.  This typically involves enthusiasts for oil, gas, and mineral extraction …

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