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Things Fall Apart; The Centre Cannot Hold

In the wake of President Obama’s climate speech this week, numerous media outlets shifted into full throttle to remind us of the calamities we face based on what the’ve seen from peering into their computer-modeled future.  Stacy Small-Lorenz, from the Environmental Defense Fund, was quick to remind us that aside from causing every single natural disaster that has occurred recently …

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Bringing Back the American Chestnut

I saw a cool story the other day, that confirmed something that Miles has written about on several occasions.  It was a story in The Atlantic about how genetic engineers are using genetic science to bring back the American Chestnut. Here are some relevant passages from the article: “Researchers at SUNY’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry have been trying …

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The Coming Biodiversity Explosion

I recently read a story that recent studies have indicated that bee venom could be used to fight HIV.  If these findings ultimately lead to a cure of HIV, this would alleviate a lot of pain and suffering for those who have been infected by this ruthless virus. Aside from the obvious public health benefits that could result from these …

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