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Fighting Environmentalism

Fighting modern environmentalism must begin with countering the deceitful and propagandistic messaging apparatus that environmental activist groups spend billions of dollars on every year.  J.D. King’s documentary, AXED seems to be a worthy endeavor in revealing the damage that radical environmentalists have wreaked.  Let’s hope he reaches his funding goals on Kickstarter, so he can complete this work. Click here …

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Climate Corp.: Turning Big Data into Big Abundance

I recently read an article in Fortune magazine that keeps creeping back into my thoughts.  It was a short profile on a farming business in Illinois, and how they are using data science to improve their crop yields. The article says, ” Jeff Hodel farms 6,000 acres of corn and soybeans near Roanoke, Ill. To feed a growing population — an …

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Geoengineer Russ George: Vigilante or Pioneer

Russ George is a geoengineer who has received quite a bit of attention this week for recently dumping hundreds of tons of iron sulfate into the ocean in an effort to encourage plankton population growth.  He has been painted as a criminal, despite the fact that he is largely acting outside of the law.  His case provides an interesting glimpse …

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