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Genesis Solar Energy Project AKA Avian Death Trap

Modern environmentalism has become like a nihilistic autoimmune disease.  Typically an autoimmune disease is characterized by the body’s immune system attacking otherwise benign, healthy, and vital parts of the body instead of pathogens.  Modern environmentalists portray themselves as if they are removing environmental pathogens and toxins from the environment.

It is for this reason that the following two stories are significant:

ReWire reported Wednesday that a surprising number of water birds are being found dead and injured at a pair of solar energy facilities in the California desert. Since publishing that story we’ve learned that the toll is greater than we reported: two great blue herons have been found dead at one of the projects.

According to compliance documents provided to ReWire by the California Energy Commission late Wednesday, the mortalities were discovered on June 28 and July 8 at the the 250-megawatt Genesis Solar Energy Project being built by NextEra about 25 miles west of Blythe in Riverside County.  Read more here

And this:

A bird found dead at a Riverside County solar project in May was a Yuma clapper rail, a Federally listed Endangered species. The rail is one of a number of water birds found dead at the site, according to one of the owners of the project. The fatality marks the first reported death of a Federally Endangered bird at a renewable energy generation site in the mainland U.S.

The culprit in this mass slaughter of birds is the Genesis Solar Energy Project, which is one of the many solar plants that are being built in the state’s southeastern desert wastelands to help the state meet its nihilistically self-imposed “clean” energy mandates.

While the market has determined that solar is completely uncompetitive, the fact that it competes at all is due to generous public subsidies.  Now that Genesis has the blood of an endangered species on its hands, it will need to take expensive measures to mitigate against avian deaths.  As a result solar will become more expensive and even less competitive.

The environmentalists have long been telling us that we need to move from dirty fuels like coal and oil to solar.  Now those who consider themselves to be mother earth’s white blood cells, are attacking the photovoltaic cells that were finally supposed to bring us externality-free abundant energy of the future.

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