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Fighting Environmentalism, Fighting Agenda 21, Fighting for Abundance

The UN’s sustainable development initiative, Agenda 21, has recently been moving from an environmentalist initiative that has been simmering behind the scenes to the epitome of everything that is wrong with modern environmentalism.  If you want to read a detailed account of the destructive impact that Agenda 21 is having on rural communities and resource extraction industries, you can read Elizabeth Nickson’s new book Eco-Fascists.  She provides extensive coverage of the specific impacts.

We can only expect the public awareness to increase as Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke have recently published a fictional thriller that sensationalizes Agenda 21.  I plan on reading it soon, and here’s a link if you want to check it out:

Both books are likely to motivate you to want to fight back against the environmental movement that is restricting our liberty, facilitating the expansion of a bankrupt government, limiting our access to natural resources, destroying our engines of wealth creation, devastating our rural communities, forfeiting our sovereignty, etc.  Yeah, it is pretty scary stuff, I know.

However, as we learn more about the movement and how it operates, it is clear that the environmental movement is facing little opposition.  They have essentially written and updated the operating system for the last 50 years, and the execution of environmental policy is now implemented and expanded like clockwork.  It is now the challenge of those who recognize the destructive potential of this movement to hack this operating system and replace it with new code, or in other words laws, regulations and technologies, that favor liberty and prosperity in a move towards an abundance economy.

Agenda 21 is how environmental policy is implemented on a local level.  There are also laws like the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act on the federal level that have become too powerful.  You also have myriads of state-level environmental regulations.  When you add this to the billions that are spent each year by NGOs and advocacy organizations, you end up with a juggernaut that can only be fought by an army of committed, intelligent, and persistent citizens.

If you want to learn more about how to fight environmentalism, fight Agenda 21, and fight for abundance, we invite you to like our facebook page.  We plan to function as a laboratory for devising new tactics to win the fight to preserve our liberty, our wealth, and our future of abundance.

About Miles Mason

Miles Mason
I am a deconstructeur of modern environmentalism and its destructive regulatory aftermath. I am fully committed to popularizing the post-scarcity mindset and laying the ideological foundation for an abundance economy.


  1. Another great book is Behind the Green Mask by Rosa Koire. Can be gotten on Amazon and Kindle. If you have not attended one of her talks, you should invite her. Makes it very clear and easy to understand. I was having a very hard time grasping the concept of A21 until I listened to her. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_11?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=behind%20the%20green%20mask

  2. Miles Mason


    Thanks for sharing. I will put that book on my list. It is encouraging to see more and more books being written to expose the environmental movement.

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