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Ecofascism.com, William Walter Kay, and Elizabeth Nickson

I like that Elizabeth Nickson is actively managing the dialogue that is occurring in the blogosphere surrounding her book, Eco-Fascists.  It is also worth noting that she maintains a blog at elizabethnickson.com.  She recently wrote a post that sets the record straight on some criticism she received from blogger, William Walter Kay, on his blog ecofascism.com.

For those who haven’t read Nickson’s book, it is worth reading this post to see the depth of the research she has conducted on the environmental movement.

Here is the setup as a little teaser:

Which brings me to a person named William Walter Kay in Alberta, who publishes a blog the address of which is Ecofascism.com.  I have not read this blog, except to note its presence in the universe, but he has noticed me – no doubt because my book title corresponds with his blog title, and in a very long generally positive disquisition on my book, which I could not read closely because his use of the language is um, snarky, he has an addendum called Nickson’s error cascade.  Since his points will live until he stops paying his server bills, here are my corrections of his accusations.  I have largely ignored his erroneous opinions and conclusions where he is not challenging my facts: he has a perfect right to be wrong.  However, facts are important and I do not want a less positively inclined reviewer to depend upon his assumptions about my facts, because he has prosecuted his own error cascade.

I have checked out ecofascism.com, and it appears to be an interesting site, but there are some sites on the internet that are so poorly designed that one can only tolerate reading them for a few minutes before you start to get a headache.  I also question William Walter Kay’s judgment for trying to paint Nickson’s book as an error cascade.  It seems kind of counterproductive and egotistical.  However, because he has chosen this path, I have decided to publish this post and search engine optimize it so that his points will live alongside posts such as this that discredit his actions and vindicate Nickson’s defense of herself (which was quite capable – I am just bringing attention to it).

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