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FDA Shuts Down 23andMe

23andME shut down by FDA

The FDA is shutting down personal genomics company, 23andMe.  23andMe is an innovator in the personal genomics industry, who is known for selling personalized genetic analyses for $99.  The FDA claims that the potential that they could release inaccurate information about your DNA creates a public health risk, ergo the company must cease to operate. It is worth taking a …

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Genesis Solar Energy Project AKA Avian Death Trap


Modern environmentalism has become like a nihilistic autoimmune disease.  Typically an autoimmune disease is characterized by the body’s immune system attacking otherwise benign, healthy, and vital parts of the body instead of pathogens.  Modern environmentalists portray themselves as if they are removing environmental pathogens and toxins from the environment. It is for this reason that the following two stories are …

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Things Fall Apart; The Centre Cannot Hold

Cloned Mouse

In the wake of President Obama’s climate speech this week, numerous media outlets shifted into full throttle to remind us of the calamities we face based on what the’ve seen from peering into their computer-modeled future.  Stacy Small-Lorenz, from the Environmental Defense Fund, was quick to remind us that aside from causing every single natural disaster that has occurred recently …

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The Coming Biodiversity Explosion

cambrian explosion

I recently read a story that recent studies have indicated that bee venom could be used to fight HIV.  If these findings ultimately lead to a cure of HIV, this would alleviate a lot of pain and suffering for those who have been infected by this ruthless virus. Aside from the obvious public health benefits that could result from these …

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Fighting Environmentalism, Fighting Agenda 21, Fighting for Abundance


The UN’s sustainable development initiative, Agenda 21, has recently been moving from an environmentalist initiative that has been simmering behind the scenes to the epitome of everything that is wrong with modern environmentalism.  If you want to read a detailed account of the destructive impact that Agenda 21 is having on rural communities and resource extraction industries, you can read …

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Some Animals Are More Equal than Others


It didn’t take long for the American Bird Conservancy to gloat in a press release that an Energy Company has plead guilty in the death of some birds.  According to the press release the company was fined $30,000 in addition to being forced to implement mitigation measures that would costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. American Bird Conservancy’s spokesman, Darin …

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Eco-Fascists by Elizabeth Nickson


One of the best books to detail the ravages of the environmentalist movement was recently published by Elizabeth Nickson.  It is called Eco-Fascists: How Radical Conservationists Are Destroying Our Natural Heritage. What Elizabeth Nickson does best is identify the battle lines.  She identifies the conservationist groups whose destructive agenda is impoverishing rural communities, empowering central governments and bureaucrats, and sowing …

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Fuel Shortages in California

california fuel shortages

California is currently facing gasoline shortages, which are causing prices to spike and gas stations to shut down.  While the shortages are partially the result of a temporary refinery shut down, it is also apparent that these shortages are also the result of a wall of scarcity. According to Yahoo News: Gasoline inventories in California, however, are still at their …

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