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Genesis Solar Energy Project AKA Avian Death Trap


Modern environmentalism has become like a nihilistic autoimmune disease.  Typically an autoimmune disease is characterized by the body’s immune system attacking otherwise benign, healthy, and vital parts of the body instead of pathogens.  Modern environmentalists portray themselves as if they are removing environmental pathogens and toxins from the environment. It is for this reason that the following two stories are …

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How Markets Will Resurrect Endangered Species

gastric brooding frog

We recently published a post on scientists that are bringing the gastric brooding frog back from extinction.  As genetic engineers move closer to bringing this species back, we had this to say: While this frog is most notorious for its odd reproductive habits, perhaps it is fitting that the next specimen will emerge not from its parents mouth, but from …

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Bringing Back the American Chestnut


I saw a cool story the other day, that confirmed something that Miles has written about on several occasions.  It was a story in The Atlantic about how genetic engineers are using genetic science to bring back the American Chestnut. Here are some relevant passages from the article: “Researchers at SUNY’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry have been trying …

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The Coming Biodiversity Explosion

cambrian explosion

I recently read a story that recent studies have indicated that bee venom could be used to fight HIV.  If these findings ultimately lead to a cure of HIV, this would alleviate a lot of pain and suffering for those who have been infected by this ruthless virus. Aside from the obvious public health benefits that could result from these …

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Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up, and Smile for the Camera

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 1.43.34 AM

Civilian use of aerial drone surveillance is a reality that is quickly approaching, and this is great news for litigious environmental groups.  Currently, if an environmental group wants to surveil farmers or any other group that is utilizing natural resources, they have to go through a burdensome FOIA process, and hope that agencies like the EPA give them more information …

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The Great Comeback of the Gastric Brooding Frog

gastric brooding frog

From inception, the Post Scarcity Alliance has recognized that genetic engineering will play an increasingly vital role in preserving endangered species and ultimately causing an explosion of biodiversity.  There have been several stories over the last few weeks about recent developments in genetic engineering of extinct species. Here is a sampling of some of these articles: Reviving the Wooly Mammoth …

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Economic Benefits and Costs of Wilderness

Rural Blight

There is an astounding shortage of academic studies that analyze the negative economic impacts of environmental policies.  Anyone who has ever worked for an industry that has been decimated by the stroke of a pen knows full well the damage that can result from the reckless pursuit of radical environmental policy.  Nevertheless, many regulations that are proposed and adopted in …

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Genetic Engineering: Environmentalism’s Existential Crisis


I recently read the book Regenesis, by George M. Church.  This book provides a good preview of where the breakthroughs in genetic engineering are going to take us in the near future.  We have written before about how genetic engineering will create a tectonic shift that will move us dramatically closer to a post-scarcity era of abundance. Just last week, MIT …

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Ecofascism.com, William Walter Kay, and Elizabeth Nickson

I like that Elizabeth Nickson is actively managing the dialogue that is occurring in the blogosphere surrounding her book, Eco-Fascists.  It is also worth noting that she maintains a blog at elizabethnickson.com.  She recently wrote a post that sets the record straight on some criticism she received from blogger, William Walter Kay, on his blog ecofascism.com. For those who haven’t read …

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Black Footed Ferrets Found Dangerously Close to North Dakota’s Bakken Oil Fields

black footed ferret

A recent report from the International Energy Agency projects that the U.S. will be the world’s largest oil producer by 2020.  Industry Experts point to the hydraulic fracturing technologies that have opened the Bakken oil reserve in North Dakota as an abundant new resource as the cause for this rosy prediction.  This American renaissance in energy production is a classic …

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