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Economic Benefits and Costs of Wilderness

There is an astounding shortage of academic studies that analyze the negative economic impacts of environmental policies.  Anyone who has ever worked for an industry that has been decimated by the stroke of a pen knows full well the damage that can result from the reckless pursuit of radical environmental policy.  Nevertheless, many regulations that are proposed and adopted in …

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Unlocking Idaho’s Abundance: Jim Chmelik makes case for public land divestiture

In a recent opinion editorial in the Idaho County Free Press, Jim Chmelik, makes the strong case that Idaho needs to take control of its public lands.  This call echoes the concern we raised in our inaugural post, the Post Scarcity Mindset, that federal management of hundreds of thousands of square miles of land leads to contrived scarcity of resources. …

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Climate Corp.: Turning Big Data into Big Abundance

I recently read an article in Fortune magazine that keeps creeping back into my thoughts.  It was a short profile on a farming business in Illinois, and how they are using data science to improve their crop yields. The article says, ” Jeff Hodel farms 6,000 acres of corn and soybeans near Roanoke, Ill. To feed a growing population — an …

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