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In our logo we incorporated a Native American symbol for the salmon, which is a symbol of abundance in northwestern Native American tribes.  The fish also recalls other symbolic references to abundance such as the New Testament’s record of Jesus Christ feeding thousands with just two fish and five loaves of bread.  The playful digital representation of stone characterized by the lithos font evokes the journey of humanity from a species that relies on crude stone tools to one that has transcended Nature’s immutable scarcity with refined silicon.

At the Post Scarcity Alliance our mission is to relegate the scarcity mindset to the annals of history.  Abundance is our future, and the economics of abundance are what will ultimately solve our biggest problems.  Energy, health care, immigration, environmental devastation, national security, and fiscal strength are all areas where replacing a scarcity mindset with an abundance mindset will bring wealth and freedom to a world that desperately needs a recharge in these areas.  It is time to let go of scarcity.  It is time to tear down the walls of scarcity that are built with the bricks of regulation and ignorance that are holding back the flows of abundance that will solve our biggest problems.  It is time to boldly move forward to a post scarcity world.

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