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FDA Shuts Down 23andMe

23andME shut down by FDA

The FDA is shutting down personal genomics company, 23andMe.  23andMe is an innovator in the personal genomics industry, who is known for selling personalized genetic analyses for $99.  The FDA claims that the potential that they could release inaccurate information about your DNA creates a public health risk, ergo the company must cease to operate. It is worth taking a …

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Genesis Solar Energy Project AKA Avian Death Trap


Modern environmentalism has become like a nihilistic autoimmune disease.  Typically an autoimmune disease is characterized by the body’s immune system attacking otherwise benign, healthy, and vital parts of the body instead of pathogens.  Modern environmentalists portray themselves as if they are removing environmental pathogens and toxins from the environment. It is for this reason that the following two stories are …

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